Thursday, July 5, 2012

We lost weight drinking Fat Burning Coffee & Tea!

Ongoing Family Weight Loss Total is...
344 lbs!

  This is Mom and I at Galveston Beach on July 27th, 2011...Um, No. I was not pregnant, but getting a little tired of the embarrassing moments when people would ask when I was due!

Mom lost 40 lbs. and 10 inches off her waist!
Her doctor took her off both of her Diabetes medications,
(that she'd been taking for the past 17 years),
and lowered her Cholesterol and
Blood Pressure medications!

She has regained Freedom of Movement , her
knees have stopped hurting her and she can
now keep up with her husband on walks!

Update: June 2013    Mom's doctor says that since her test results have been in normal range
 for a year, she no longer has to test her blood sugar!
  No more pricking her fingers everyday!

She drank this fat burning tea each day: (link)  NuvoGene Tea

This is me!
In less than a year, I've lost 35 lbs.
and 6 inches off my waist!
I was a size 14 and now I am a size 4.

I drank Boresha's BSkinny Coffee and NuvoGene tea each day.
 Link here: Boresha Fat Burning Coffee & Tea

My joint aches have disappeared!

Aunt Bonnie lost 31 lbs, and is back on her feet again!

My Step-dad,  Marvin lost 35 lbs. in only 3 months!

He drank this fat burning BSkinny Coffee each day.

December  2011                                                       March 2012

Look at those chiseled features! He looks like a new man!


Check out my cousin Jonathan!!!

Wow! My cousin Trena!

We are so grateful to my Uncle Butch, for telling us about Boresha!        Thank You!!

I am also very grateful to George Najjar for the vision and leadership he had to create Boresha International and offer families like ours, not only the chance to regain our health, but also to offer us an opportunity to share it with others and make good money along the way! Thank You!

And most of all, on behalf of my entire family, I want to thank Dr. Allen for her groundbreaking research to bring these life changing products to all of us. You have truly changed our world!

Link here to get your BSkinny Coffee and Fat Burning Tea here!